Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Sense Of Comfort

   So many artists are worried at the moment due to the state of things. It is important to remember that this is a great opportunity we have here! This is a chance for those who are deadly serious in their art to push that edge and create works of art that are truly inspiring.
    I have found the "game of art" to be mostly clever sales people dolling out the same 'ole crap for years and years, fooling people into buying art that is really just cookie cutter garbage that we've seen a million times from every art "school" out there. This has hurt the arts more than our current economy!
    I've personally been to more galleries (as a customer) than I can count and I must say that the descriptions and reasons as to why one SHOULD buy a painting is anything other than the viewers depth of love, or even NEED, for the individual piece of art they are considering. This has seemed symptomatic of something missing from the art in itself. WHY should one have to convince another to buy a painting, or sculpture? When I find a piece of art that sings to me I KNOW it in my soul and NO sales person could persuade me from it otherwise! When art is imbued with passion, and or the artists OWN EXPLORATION for her or his own selfish reasons, it will resonate in the heart of the open beholder. Period. 
   I am aware that sometimes people need to be urged to spend their money if they are waffling on weather they can afford a piece of art or not... that is definitely the job of the sales person.. but that is not the point I'm making here. It is now time for the passion and vision to make a comeback. It is time for the artist to inspire people again! I believe artists have become complacent in their creativity and have relied too much on the galleries to create their image for them. 
   I have often told would-be clients to NOT purchase a painting unless they are in LOVE with it. After all, they must live with it and in the long run a painting that one doesn't love doesn't feel right in their soul. This can have a negative effect on the artist/client relationship in the long term. Besides, I personally would want a painting to go where it is truly loved and appreciated.. or as it is said: "to a good home". This is more satisfying to both the client and the artist. 
   It's time to change the arts in this country.. in this world! It is time to create with real heartfelt passion and energy. Time for us to do our jobs and be recognised for the profound reality of what we DO! It doesn't matter who collects our art. It doesn't matter what galleries we've been in. It doesn't matter if our art conforms to a standard set forth by the old guard "ART EXPERTS" who are generally protecting their own interests anyway! All that matters is that artists create what we will because we HAVE TO! It's in us like our GENES.. our very DNA! 
   The road ahead is eerie and the destination unclear.. but is that not at the very heart of an ADVENTURE?? I wish us all good luck and happy painting!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Art, Life, and other musings...

   I must say that no matter how tough it gets out there don't loose yourself in the negative. I find myself creating in a flury despite the difficulties imposed upon me right now. No.. it's not easy, but I find comport in what I DO have rather that in what I DON'T. It's so easy to slip into dispare but it only adds to ones troubles. Even this economy will bounce back! Everything ebbs and flows... it's a law of nature; all part of the cycle. This painting is called "Night Path" It's a memory of the many moonlight hikes I've done in my life. I've always foung peace in the cool subtle glow of moonlight while the rest of the world sleeps.  I wish all of us prosperity and good luck! Just remember to breath. :)