Friday, February 27, 2009


Hello again! I'm now doing several works of ART for album covers for some of my musician friends. Having a blast with that! I love it as it allows me to delve into many different ideas with an honest exploration. I find myself wanting to tackle all kinds of subject matter but want it to tie in with my life. So these projects are great for me! I have a new type of painting concept that I will share in next year or so... just developing it :) This painting is the first of the Album stuff.... it was for a band called Wicked Wisdom.

Hello to all who have too much time on their hands as to be reading MY blog!

   HI. I'll start first by telling you a little about myself.. I'm an artist. I'm Adam Licsko. The "c" is silent so my last name is pronounced: Lis-co. Some day when I write my autobiography I'll title it "the silent C". HA! 
   Being a generally creative human I make things.. Lots of things! I love to build stuff, draw, paint, sculpt, and make music. I play drums and am currently working very hard at learnig guitar.
   In this blog I will attempt to be less than borring so I'll keep these short and sweet. I will be posting some art stuff.. talking about it and expressing my thoughts in general.
   I wish you all exceptional health and prosperity.
   Thank you for reading...
   P.S. the image up there is called "The Path", It is a painting I created.. Walk with me up the winding  path my world...